Talking Toys: Andi B. Goode

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Thanks so much for all of the positive response last week, mostly via social media, about my new little Talking Toys segment, i'm so glad so many of you like the idea. And although the majority have admitted to mostly liking it because they love a good nose (me too), I know there are a lot of you who can't wait to be inspired by some all together glorious toy collections.

This week we are talking to Andi, all the way from sunny Adelaide, South Australia. I've been following Andi for a while now via Instagram, her feed is the perfect mix of colour, cuteness and clothes inspiration for me. She also has a pink wall of dreams, which you are about to see in the photos below, that are jam packed with all things kitsch and retro inspired. If you're ever feeling a little down, just spend a few minutes looking at her Instagram and you cannot help but feel happy again.

What made you want to start collecting toys?
It all started some years ago when I was thinking about all the toys I had as a child and got rid of. I decided I would start collecting them again but only the Barbies that I'd had…of course it didn’t end up that way and everything snowballed from there.

If you could have any toy right now in the world, to add to your collection, what would that be?
Oh gosh, that’s tricky because there are so many, but the dream would be to own a #1 Ponytail Barbie. A more realistic answer is a Peteena doll, an anthropomorphic poodle from the ‘60s.

Have you got any favourite toys within your collections?
In my Blythe collection, Ahcahcum Zukin is definitely my favourite. My Susie Sad Eyes and Emerald Witch dolls are favourites, as well. It’s such a hard question, though, and my favourites can change from day to day.

Do you have any favourite places to look for new toys to add to your collection?
I love the thrill of the hunt so I enjoy scouring op-shops and markets for pieces I’ve been after but I also spend a lot of time on eBay and other sites.

Have you got any advice for newbie toy collectors?
The biggest piece of advice is to just have fun! I think it’s a hobby that should bring joy so collecting what makes you happy is most important, in my opinion. I’d also recommend doing research before collecting, too, on what’s out there, prices, etc. But I find research to be one of the most fun aspects of collecting!

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