Talking Toys: Samantha Eynon

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

This week we're talking to one of my favourite illustrators and colour lovers Samantha Eynon. Samantha is a freelance illustrator based in the Midlands, England. She's a self proclaimed lover of cute and colourful things (her toy collection is proof of that) and spends her weekends adventuring with her husband and her fur baby Winston, in their VW camper van. You can take a peek at more of their daily lives on her Instagram page, which is jam packed with adventures, home inspiration and the prettiest creations by her lovely self.

What made you want to start collecting toys?

The fact that I'm a sucker for anything cute, colourful and collectable! I also love the fact that many of the ones I collect are limited edition and designed by many amazing artists, so it's a like having a piece of art too! They also just make me smile! I do love old metal wind-up toys too.

What are your favourite types of toys to collect?

Eeeeek! This question is too hard! I suppose vinyl toys, I started by collecting mainly Kid Robot toys, and they have so many awesome ranges. One of my current favourite toys are tsum tsum's. They are just too cute and I love Disney. I have to check the Disney Store every time now!

If you could have any toy right now in the world, to add to your collection, what would that be?

Sorry again I can't pick one (to indecisive!), I'd love a Peskimo's wooden Noferin Jilibut toy, a Treeson, Play Boy ArtToys Project by Sticky Monster Lab and the Crayola Monster Dunny by Jenn and Tony Bot.

Have you got any favourite toys within your collections?

We have a lot of toys that aren't even on display, as we haven't got the space to have them all out, so picking favourite's is hard. I love my Toki Doki cactus pup and cactus kitty collection, especially as I have all the pups! The BFF Kid Robot collection is super cute and the Kidrobot Misko owl's, though I only have a couple of each. I also adore my Lunartik In a Cup of Tea toys. I could go on! 

Do you have any favourite places to look for new toys to add to your collection?

My collecting has had to slow down a lot, as we've ran out of space, but I used to get most of my toys from Forbidden Planet in Stoke, when I was at uni there, and Nostalgia & Comics in Birmingham. Though last time I went in to Nostalgia & Comics they had cut down there vinyl toy selection a lot. Most places just seem to sell Funko Pop toys now, which I do love, but I prefer the ones that are designed by individual artists.

Have you got any advice for newbie toy collectors?

For me I just go for what I find visually pleasing to be honest! But many of the toys I collect come blindboxed, meaning it's sort of a lucky dip as to which model you get, this is annoying when you're building a collection and want a certain one, but some places are happy for you to open them up, so make sure you ask!

Want to find out more about Samantha Eynon?

If you've got a toy collection you want to show off, i'm open to submissions! 
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