Monday Motivation

Monday, 13 February 2017

I’ve had an idea 💡 Every Monday I’m going to make some goals for the week and share them on this magical platform. A bit of #MondayMotivation for myself. 🎉 I would love to read some of your goals for the week too, so if you join in, do give me a little tag so we can encourage each other! 🌈
1. Drink more water (from cute cups)
2. Finish three custom illustrations
3. Create one new product.
4. Continue work on mini zine.
5. Photograph new products for shop.
6. Find a company that can print stickers on glittery / holographic paper.
7. Become friends with my new printer (we are currently frenemies).
8. Listen to two podcasts (send me your recommendations).
9. Discover why people schedule social media updates and decide if it is something I should be doing.
10. Write one new blog post.
11. Exercise three times minimum.
12. Write a manifesto for Hello Bee Studio.
13. Book Doug in for yearly vaccinations with vet.
14. Film and publish one new vlog.
15. Find new vloggers to fall in love with.
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