In Between Seasons

Friday, 10 March 2017

I love this time of year, when you never know what your going to wake up to weather wise. I know this isn't something a lot of people love but honestly I just adore all seasons for lots of different reasons. What I love most though, is being able to mix seasonal clothing. I especially love wearing big thick tights with everything. EVERYTHING!!
If you know anything about me at all, I know you will know how much I love all things colourful and this outfit is just that. I discovered Nobody's Child this week (why am I just finding you?!) and when I saw this top, I haven't hit the buy button so quickly in a while and for the grand total of £4.20 (hello sale!), can you blame me?!
I was a little bit worried about it being a crop top and sizes, you never know how things are going to fit when you're first buying from a company you haven't used before but actually their sizing (at least on top) is pretty perfect and it's just the right length to for all my high waisted bottoms. Yay! 

In Colourful Company Nottingham

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

We had our first In Colourful Company walk of 2017 and it was in the altogether lovely city of Nottingham. Our hosts this time round were Katie, Jess and Karen and honestly, I couldn't be any more blown away by the amount of love and thought that went into the day. 
The whole day itself felt like a bit of a dream and feels a million years ago, even though it was only just a few short days ago. We chased colour, ate doughnuts, I had a HUGE vegan burger and I got to spend the day with a group of women who are all just so truly inspirational, kind and generous. 
I feel so incredibly lucky to be a part of such a kind, unique community, let alone be the founder of it. 
I did manage to get a little more on film then usual, which was lovely. So if you want to see a bit of what we got up to, watch the video below. Also, if you want to get involved with In Colourful Company, feel free to join our Facebook group or give me a shout on Instagram. We also have a #InColourfulCompany where you can have a nosey at lots of photos and boomerangs from everyone involved.

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